without treatment, Cole told the station.

According to relatives, Jeffery Stone is estranged from the boy's mother, Tiffany Stone, who has legal custody of Porter. Porter, who lives in St. Joseph scarpe e scarpe in northwestern Missouri, is on hospital's waiting list for a heart transplant. Cole said the boy was discharged after several days in the hospital so he could be monitored by doctors closer to home in the Kansas City area. Police said Jeffery Stone took Porter and then called Tiffany Stone — who was still at the hospital — and told her he was taking the child, according to police. The father and son were seen leaving the hospital in a silver, four-door Toyota Corolla with California license plates. Police told the Post-Dispatch that they believe Jeffery Stone's mother, Rhonda Matthews, was with them. Porter is described as 46 inches tall scarpe hogan and weighs 44 pounds. He was wearing a grey T-shirt, black and white checkered shorts and Spider-Man tennis shoes. He was carrying a backpack with medical equipment. Jeffery Stone is 6 feet 6 inches tall, weighs 230 pounds and has a shaved head. He was wearing a grey shirt, black shorts and a San Francisco Giants baseball cap. He was carrying a Nike backpack. Doctors in Kansas City and at scarpe medical centers across the country have been notified about Porter, Cole said. He expressed hope that Jeffery Stone would make sure Porter gets needed care and that the parents " get together and do the right thing." Philippine officials say 12 Vietnamese fishermen have been arrested for poaching endangered marine turtles, black corals and reef fishes in southern Philippines waters. Philippine fisheries bureau head Asis Perez said Wednesday the Vietnamese and their Malaysian-flaggedfishing boat were apprehended Monday by coast guard and fisheries bureau operatives 23 nautical miles (43 kilometers) off Jolo Island's Pangutaran township. The coast guard says inside the hogan boat were 50 pieces of dead marine turtles, five bundles of black corals and reef fishes including the high-value but vanishing Napoleon wrasse. Perez says three other foreign fishing boats spotted in the same area managed to flee toward Malaysia.

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