Lieberman said. He added that his investigators

are taking a longer view and scarpe e scarpe beginning to follow up on tips that "whistle-blower people" have called in. He declined to provide details. "I want to ask questions about whether there is any other evidence of misconduct by Secret Service agents in the last five or 10 years," Lieberman said. "If so, what was done about it, could something have been done to have prevented what happened in Cartagena? And now that it has happened, what do they intend to do?" President Barack Obama is keeping up his election-year appeal to young voters with his third college visit in two days. After overnighting in Denver, scarpe hogan Obama heads Wednesday to the University of Iowa, where he will cast himself as the defender of cheaper student loans. Obama made similar appeals Tuesday at universities in North Carolina and Colorado. Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney has also endorsed the idea of freezing the interest rates on student loans. The rates will double on July 1 unless Congress acts. Obama has a clear advantage over hogan Romney with college-age voters, an integral part of his political base. But with recent college graduates facing daunting employment prospects amid the shaky economy, Romney sees a chance to make up some ground with young voters. Porter was being treated for cardiomyopathy, a thickening of the heart muscle. Cole told KSDK-TV that Porter's condition is serious and that the boy had about a day's worth of medication left in a portable IV when he was taken and will need medical attention.

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