We must unite, we must have solidarity

we must work resolutely to hogan change the world for the better," Gorbachev told a packed auditorium at the University of Illinois at Chicago. An audience also followed the speech online. Frederik de Klerk, who as president of South Africa helped to end apartheid, said poverty and a "failure to manage diversity" were at the root of misery that is not only unjust but also leads to social unrest, conflict and terrorism. "Where do the terrorists come from? They come from countries where the masses do not have good living conditions and it is stimulated by fanaticism in its worst form," de Klerk said. "They are vulnerable because they have nothing to lose." While South Africa is now scarpe hogan uomo troubled by the government's failure to honor its commitments to citizens such as good education, its history also provides a lesson in the power of diplomacy over threats of violence or embargoes. "From the South African experience, I can testify that we did not change because of the many big sticks wielded -- at times that delayed reform," de Klerk said. "Haven't we had too much big hoagn scarpe stick and isn't it time for speaking softly?" he asked, in reference to US president Theodore Roosevelt's slogan "speak softly and carry a big stick." Lech Walesa, who led Poland's Solidarity movement and served as the nation's first post-communist president, warned of the threat of unsustainable economic disparities. "This capitalism -- unless we improve it and reform it -- will not survive this century," Walesa said through a translator.

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