Certainly we will retain the free market

economy and private ownership, but certainly not the kind of injustice we've had in place." The repercussions of disparities in Spaccio Hogan social benefits and taxation are reflected in the current European economic crisis, but they are also spread throughout the world, Walesa said. "We must find jobs for everyone. If we fail to do that, they will start a revolution," he said. "We need to identify the targets along which we will move, leveling the disparities in order to enlarge freedom for all of us." Asked how to engage hogan interactive young people in the fight for social justice, Walesa joked: "If if I knew the answer to that question I could win another Nobel Prize." Technology and social media have amplified the voices of activists and enable dramatic changes like the Arab Spring revolutions that have swept through North Africa and the Middle East, said former US president Jimmy Carter. "You don't need a leader like Walesa anymore," said Carter, who won his Nobel Prize for humanitarian work after he left office in 1981.

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